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Poetry is a unique way of describing the changes which have occurred in the Broadway, Bexleyheath. As Arthur Boswell begins:

An old couple sat in the twilight,

Thinking of days that are gone,

Trying to recall what happened,

To the town where they were born…

Tricia Dyer has expressed her memories in a poem about how Bexleyheath has changed over the years, and this can be seen here: How Times Change by Tricia Dyer.

Arthur Boswell (1880-1966) was a photography enthusiast and toured the borough giving talks and lantern slide shows. His poem about the changes that happened to Bexleyheath during his lifetime can be seen here:What a Change by Arthur Boswell.

Not far from Bexleyheath is Barnehurst. Bexley Historical Society member Sally Hawkes has described the changes to Barnehurst here: Borders and Boundaries by Sally Hawkes. She has also described changes in Welling: Trading as ‘Welling’ by Sally Hawkes, in Blackfen: In and Out at Blackfen, and in Crayford: A Clock Tower Ballade.

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